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Terms and conditions

1. Car rental:

1. Car rental: AUTOS BELLO reserves the right to refuse a particular booking request for operational reasons, especially in case of lack of availability of vehicles as requested by the client. You may also deny or reject said request or reservation if it is incomplete, incorrect, or if you do not comply with the applicable contracting conditions or with the regulations in force.

The credit card will belong to the owner who provides them, it must be valid. The main credit cards (Visa / MC) are accepted, as well as the bank debit cards issued by financial institutions. Prepaid cards are not accepted.

The processing of your personal data, as well as other legal conditions associated with the operation of the platform for these purposes can be consulted by you, if you wish, through the following information links: Data Privacy Policy and Cookies.

2. Requirements to rent:

AUTOS BELLO does not rent vehicles to drivers under 25 years old, as reported during the booking process.

Users can only rent a vehicle with AUTOS BELLO when they confirm the following requirements to AUTOS BELLO:

  1. Be at least 25 years old.
  2. Have a valid driving license in Spain *.
  3. Have the valid license mentioned in point b) above, with a minimum of two years old at the time of rental requested in the reservation made by the user to AUTOS BELLO.

In accordance with the above, AUTOS BELLO does not apply a fee in case of reservation requests made by users who do not comply with all the above requirements, since it will not be possible to meet any request from users who do not comply with all these requirements.

(*) Driving licences issued in accordance with Spanish law are valid for driving in Spain as are those issued in countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) in compliance with the applicable European regulations. In addition, under certain conditions, the following driving licences are also valid for driving in Spain:

  1. National driving licences from other countries issued in accordance with Annex 9 of the Geneva Convention, or with Annex 6 of the Vienna Convention, or those differing slightly from such models in the adoption or deletion of non-essential headings.
  2. National driving licences from other countries that are written in Spanish or accompanied by an official translation thereof.
  3. International driving licences issued abroad in accordance with Annex 10 of the Geneva Convention, or according to the model of Annex E of the International Convention of Paris, if the countries have joined this Convention, but they have not signed or joined that of Geneva. In this case a valid international driving licence shall be presented in conjunction with a national driving licence in force in the relevant country.
  4. Those driving licences recognized in some international conventions to which Spain is a party and under the conditions indicated thereof.
  5. Likewise, Autos Bello does not accept copies of permits.
  6. Denunciations will not be valid, in case of loss or theft of the same.

For for further information about the conditions of validity of the driving licences in Spain, you may consult the following links: y

These same conditions and requirements are also enforceable regarding any additional driver who may be indicated by the customer.

AUTOS BELLO reserves the right to deny or refuse a particular request or reservation if these specific conditions are not met.

Similarly, following confirmation of the reservation, AUTOS BELLO may cancel it in the following cases:

  1. If it is found that the information provided by the customer is not correct, real or is not up to date.
  2. If the customer violates the terms of the lease.

3.Conditions regarding the vehicle:

The model of vehicle reserved is only indicative and it may be replaced by another of similar characteristics within the same category contracted by the customer.

In the case of those vehicles in the AUTOS BELLO fleet that are equipped with a GPS service, geolocation data may be accessed. The GPS service operates as a protection measure for our vehicles, their occupants and any other third party during the hire period, and all AUTOS BELLO`S legally required guarantees in this respect shall apply.

The vehicle must not leave the island where it is rented and must be used by the customer on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with the applicable national regulations.
  2. That it is not used for illicit purposes or as a means to commit them.
  3. Travel is allowed only on public and paved roads.
  4. It is not to be used for commercial or advertising purposes.
  5. The fuel recommended for the vehicle must be used.
  6. Ensure that when leaving or parking the vehicle, it is completely closed.
  7. The seats (if any) will be provided when the car is collected, and you must correctly fix them into the car.
  8. Ensure that the luggage or the surfboards are properly attached at the roof-racks if you have hired them.
  9. Should a malfunction or breakdown be noticed, the vehicle should be stopped, parked correctly and safely (if possible) and AUTOS BELLO informed immediately.

4.Delivery and return of the vehicle:

The delivery and return of the rented vehicle will be made at the office, dates and times specified in your reservation (confirmed by AUTOS BELLO).

Under no circumstances may the vehicle be returned on an island different from that indicated in the rental contract.

If the return office for a reservation is not the same as that for collection of the vehicle, and the duration of the reservation is 3 days or less, an additional 10 € will be charged.

However, if the customer returns the car to a different office from the one specified in his/her rental contract, the company will make an additional charge of 10 €.

The vehicle hired can only be collected during opening hours, but can be returned outside the rental office’s normal opening hours without any additional charge, in the place agreed in the contract with AUTOS BELLO.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, please inform us in good time in order to be able to provide you with better customer service in these cases. If you fail to do this, we cannot guarantee the maintenance of your reservation, although AUTOS BELLO will endeavour to hold it for as long as possible. For this reason, when it is no longer feasible, AUTOS BELLO reserves the right to cancel your reservation and, therefore, to be able to dispose freely of the reserved vehicle in such cases without entitlement to compensation.

The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as received, except for normal wear and tear. Otherwise, the customer shall provide documentation, reports or supporting documents regarding any incidents or damage to the vehicle.

No amount shall be refunded to the customer for early return of the vehicle.

The renter accepts that the leased vehicle lacks the trunk lid to prevent the locks from being forced or the windows broken. In the event that the lessor insists on the placement of the same, he agrees to pay all damages caused to the vehicle, leaving a deposit of € 150 to be returned to the return of the vehicle in the same state in which it was delivered .

Please ensure that no item of property is left in the vehicle at the moment of its return. If this happens, AUTOSBELLO is not held responsible for your loss.

5.Items included in the reservation price of your vehicle:

The final price of the reservation of the vehicle includes the following items:

  • Taxes (IGIC/IVA included).
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Second driver free of charge.
  • Service at the airport.
  • Cancellation of the free reservation (free booking cancellation).
  • Approved seats for babies and booster cushions for children free of charge. It is important to note that according to Spain’s General Traffic Regulations: minors with a height of 135 cm or less must use an approved child restraint system.
  • The following insurances (without excess/zero excess):
    1. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).
    2. Theft Protection (TP).
    3. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI).
    4. Damage to third parties (TI).

No excess amounts are required. We do not require any cash deposit, or credit card pre-authorization.

6.Situations or contingencies not covered by the insurance:

Our insurance does not cover the following situations or contingencies:

  1. Damage to the tyres and wheels.
  2. Loss or breakage of the car keys.
  3. Wrong refuelling.
  4. Clutch break due to misuse of the driver.
  5. Accidents related to reckless driving or under the influence of alcoholic drinks, drugs, narcotics or any other toxic or psychotropic substances.
  6. Driving off-road.
  7. Off-road driving.
  8. Fines.
  9. Driving the vehicle unauthorized persons in the contract.
  10. Loss or subtraction of accessories, tools, spare rubber, battery or documentation.
  11. The repair costs incurred when, due to the negligence of the lessee, personal effects were left inside the vehicle.
  12. The expenses of transportation of the personnel of this Company to different points of the island when, due to the negligence of the lessor, the keys of the leased vehicle were lost or stolen or forgotten inside the vehicle.

7. Accidents:

In case of accident, the customer will be obliged to:

  1. Do not move the vehicle from the place of the accident until the corresponding authority attends the corresponding certificate and the competent authority.
  2. To immediately communicate the facts to Autos Bello.
  3. To not agree with the opposite party any agreement on the accident.
  4. Not to abandon the damaged vehicle, without having taken the necessary measures.
  5. The contracted coverage will be without effect if any of the aforementioned reasons are given.

8.Fuel policy:

In AUTOS BELLO we neither do business with fuel nor fill the fuel tank in advance. However, the vehicle shall be returned by the customer with the same amount of fuel with which it was received, and he/she shall pay the difference if that amount is lower.

9. Modification of these General Conditions:

These conditions may be modified by AUTOS BELLO at any time, particularly, in order to adapt to regulatory changes or to the applicable trade policy, and therefore we recommend that, before renting to vehicle through our platform, customers read these terms and conditions carefully.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction:

In the event of dispute or discrepancy related to any of these conditions, the parties waive any other jurisdiction that may apply and agree to subject themselves to the relevant Courts and Tribunals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish legislation that may apply in each case.